Just reading the title of this blog post out loud gives me real life chills! So, I meet this man online and we instantly hit it off? He has a heart of gold, he is such a gentleman, he can cook AND he treats his mother like a queen? You know how it goes, the way a man treats his mom says a lot about the way he will treat you. Now, if you know anything about women who have been hurt you know that we will sabotage something good, right? I didn’t immediately try to sabotage it but I was like this is too good to be true!I know most of you don’t know me personally but I have been through it when it comes to relationships. All 3 of my daughters have different fathers, I have been in plenty of dead end relationships, and I was ready to just give up and become the woman who lives in a house alone full of cats! Lol.. Let me back up a little bit because I got a little excited.


My dad and I are really close!(I’m his favorite because I’m the first..DUH)  We don’t have many disagreements, I mean we argue from time to time but its usually nothing major EXCEPT when it comes to my dating life. For some reason we can not get it together. When we go at it about this subject I mean we go at it, like yelling at each other and barely speaking for days.. My frustration would come from the fact that no one was ever good enough and my past choices in men were always brought up. The mistakes I made when I was 18 and 20 years old don’t define me. They are what I did and not who I am.His frustration was the obvious. He’s a father that has seen his daughter get hurt by men time and time again and in turn this made him skeptical about anyone I brought around. Our last argument we both agreed that I wouldn’t bring anyone else home and that my personal life was off limits because we couldn’t find a common ground and the disagreements started to tug on our relationship. You go through life making mistakes and when you finally learn from your mistakes you feel free. And I felt just that….FREE

I started to see Ace more often…Of course we both have children so we scheduled our dates around when the kids would be gone or we arranged baby sitters so we could see each other. Everything just happened naturally. It wasn’t forced. I talked to my daughters before introducing them to him and he did the same for his children. Although I was on cloud 9 and living my best life something was still missing. The Mann family is CLOSE! Like if we all don’t hear from each other at some point every day its weird. I had slowly drifted into doing my own thing. Christmas rolled around and instead of attending our yearly Christmas Eve cook off, Ace, the kids and I stayed at my house and put on pajamas, baked cookies, and we let them open all of their gifts at midnight. These things begin to take a toll on what Ace and I were trying to build because he knew I was family oriented from the beginning so he suggested that I consider blending my dating life and my family life…Major brownie points for the kid!

We moved in together and we wanted to get our families together just to introduce everyone and kind of see how everyone interacted with each other so we planned a house warming party. What I didn’t know is that ace was planning to propose to me the same night as the “house warming party”. We set the party date for August 5th, 2017. A date that will forever have a happy meaning…In my mind it would just be a few family members, my friends, his friends and our kids. I would get enough food to feed about 30 people and that was it! I should’ve known something when he told me his uncle who “just loves to travel” is going to fly in for the party. Seven o’clock is approaching so I go shower and throw on some ripped jeans, a lil crop top and some slides. Throw my hair in a ponytail and people start showing up. AND THEY KEPT COMING!!!! I pulled ace to the side and was like “um why you invite all these people and not tell me?? I didn’t get enough food!!” He just told me to relax and asked his mom to pick up some stuff on her way over so that made me feel a little better. Our families are getting along great, everyone is running through the food, and I’m about ready to wrap things up. I’m not that good of a host because after so long I run out of stuff to talk about!! (horrible) I start washing dishes and I’m secretly hoping that people will get the hint…THERE IS NO MORE FOOD! There were people everywhere. The women were inside and the men outside. I noticed everyone coming back inside the house so I give Ace the “Bruh aint no mo food, and I’m all out of entertainment face”. I was drying off the cutting board and he grabs me and says lets thank everyone for coming and getting along and all that good stuff. COOL!

He starts this long speech and in my head I’m like Oh lord he been drinking and he is about to talk these people ear off! I interrupt him and let everyone know that my speech will NOT be that long and I thanked them for coming and I noticed everyone had their cell phones out????fullsizeoutput_37c7I immediately started to get nervous. First, I’m claustrophobic AND his speech started going from thanking everyone to things like “I thank God I met this woman”. “When I first met her she was broken, we were both broken”. He went on to say “I thank God that I’ve been broken enough to understand her shattered pieces”… I just remember his brother standing right behind us high fiving him and hugging him….The words that made my heart melt were “I can’t go another day without asking this woman to marry me”!! The whole living room went CRAZY and I pulled my shirt up over my face to hide the tears..Inside I was thinking this is what you deserve. This is the moment you have been waiting for. All those nights you soaked your pillow with tears, all of the doubt and fear of your heart being handed to someone and it getting’s over! fullsizeoutput_379c

I SAID YES!!!!fullsizeoutput_3683

Looking back I’m like LORDT somebody could’ve told to wear a different outfit or something! I was dressed for a simple house warming party. None of that mattered to me that night. All I saw was him. I saw his heart and his smile and I was safe and comfortable. And just like that…

Im engaged y’all (real tears writing this weeks blog post). fullsizeoutput_367f

My first date with my fiancé. IMG_4647IMG_4646

Wednesday we get into all the juicy details about how my wedding planning is going!!


30 thoughts on “THE PROPOSAL!

    1. I really appreciate you sharing your story. My family met my boyfriend and things are going great…He’s everything I’ve prayed for…hopefully he will pop the question soon lol…I’ll keep you posted on my journey

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    2. Omg thank you for been so honest and transparent you bring tears to my eyes especially what you had to endure to get we’re your at now I admire you thank you for all the blogs

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  1. I want you to know how very happy I am for you. You and your daughters deserve all the happiness in the world, you can see it in your face, you are glowing. You have gone through so much in your young life but that was God’s plan for you, he brought you through it and sent you a wonderful man to share your life now. May God keep blessing you and your new family . Doing great with your blog sweetie.

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  2. I’m so happy for you and your girls I hope you be very happy just let God take over and every thing will be ok God keep on blessings you love you and family

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  3. Omg, I’m just so happy to see that you, Ace, and y’all blended family are excited to become one Union. Anything is possible, especially when y’all keep God first and being patient. Good things comes to those who wait. I really love your family in general The Mann’s; y’all keeps me laughing constantly because all of you are Comedians to me. Mrs. Tamela know she can sanggggggg and I love listening to her music. Until next time Porcia, thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless y’all Abundantly with much love 🙏🏿💜😍😘

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  4. Porcia I met you in San Antonio Texas when you and the entire Mann family were in town with the Mann family tour. You were the sweetest person and you gave me a hug and took pictures with me as well pictures with your family. Your entire family changed my life. I’ve been going through rough times but seeing the show and you all changed me life. I started going back to church and my life started getting better day by day. I’m still struggling in areas but I’m grateful for everything. I’ve previously been married but it didn’t work out. I would love to meet a man that will get to know me instead wanting to talk about sex. I want to meet the love of my life do you have any advice for me? I love you and the entire man family. Please continue with this blog it’s amazing. God bless you Porcia. 🤗💚🙏🏼

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  5. Awesome!!!! Yes you deserve it all sweetie. So happy for the both of you. I pray nothing but continuous blessings for your union in 3 months. Love the blog keep writing.

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  6. This blog is very touching and hits home in so many ways. Don’t ever think you don’t deserve what God sends you. He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. I started following a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I did.

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  7. Girllllll what a love story how amazing. Have your Boaz what a blessing may God bless you guys marraige. My husband and I have been married for 9 years coming and we will be remarring on our 10 year anniversary. Marriage is a beautiful thing when you have God as the center. Build everything around and with him so your foundation is solid. So excited for you Porcia!!!


  8. I am so excited for and with you. I was on POF but kept meeting guys that were only after one thing so I deactivated my account. I may give it a try again. Your story has inspired me. #YourPensacolaFloridaDriver

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  9. Really enjoyed your last post(The Proposal)!! Reading your post are really helping me to just be patient and wait on my perfect match. I’m 21, single mother, was raised in the church so a lot of people including myself feel lile I should have it all together by now. But I’m just waiting and trusting God in due time. But like I said above, I’m re all I my enjoying your post. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with us!

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  10. I Love reading your blog !! It really inspires me to keep going and waiting for my king, because sometimes I feel like “cat lady” is in my future lol Congrats on all of your blessings, you do deserve them!

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