It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! (Planning a wedding during the holidays)

Y’all….I am not the typical bride! Our wedding is 3 months away and according to this wedding planning calculator I am WAY behind. Stop shaking your head and let me explain…. He popped the question in August and we set the date for March 17th, 2018. Our wedding day just so happens to fall on his favorite holiday, St. Patricks day! (I’ll let you guess why this is his favorite holiday)

First of all I am OBSESSED with Christmas so i’ve been super distracted. In November we wrapped up a 26 city tour and was away from home for 3 months. Thats September, October, and November. My job title was road manager/tour manager which basically means I was responsible for getting everyone where they needed to be, making sure there was food at every venue, making budget and expense sheets, and if I told you guys everything I had to do I would have to turn this blog into a whole book! Now, the tour is over and I have Christmas on the brain and I LOVE this time of year. I had to get my tree up, get new ornaments because I changed my tree colors, and start Christmas shopping!  HOW CAN I PLAN A WEDDING? HOW SWAY?IMG_0781

It’s not even about the gifts either, I just love the decorations and the music. I will go in the stores just to see the decorations and smell the holiday fragrances…It is almost Christmas time, the end of this year, and the beginning of a new year. I should probably be complaining about how I feel like I haven’t accomplished this and that this year, but I wont. God has covered my entire family from here to Hillsboro and for that I am forever grateful. I met the love of my life and we are about to start the most sacred thing I have ever done. What is there to complain about? Rhileeys Christmas list consists of: Anything animal related and science experiment stuff.. Lol..Kennedy is probably the most grateful and helpful child in the world. Always looking out for others and always lending a helping hand. I can tell that kid baby, mama doesn’t have the money to buy you this today but I promise you I will get it for you as soon as I can and her reply will be that’s ok mama when I get bigger I will buy us some money! Lol…Her Christmas list is Chapstick, lotion, Vaseline, a doll, and candles! Lol…What parent wouldn’t be happy to get this list from their child? Let’s just hope her lists stay this simple! Boy boy (our 10 year old) is deep into video games so his whole list is full of games, game subscriptions, and this weird scooter thing called a “rip stick”. The older girls are super easy this year. Ashton(our 14 year old) just wants money and shoes, and Maddison (our 10 year old) only asked for a phone…I didn’t get a phone until I was 15 years old but times have changed so I give in, and her dad is very active in her life so she is gone from the house a lot so this is the perfect way for me to keep tabs on her.

A typical Christmas for me used to be spent at my parents house. We usually do an annual Christmas eve cook off chopped style. We all show up and draw names to choose teams and my parents are the judges. fullsizeoutput_396fLast year I did things a little different because I want to start my own traditions with my family. Ace had not been introduced to my family yet because we were still trying to figure things out and I hadn’t decided if I was ready to blend my dating life and family life again. We woke up Christmas morning and I went to my parents house and he went to his moms house. The whole day just felt so weird because we were so happy when we are together and being apart on a day that is meant to be shared with family and loved ones was not the move. I normally spent the night at my parents house Christmas night but the girls and I went home and met back up with Ace and the other kids. I knew from that day on that I could no longer keep the 2 separate. I had to blend my dating life and family life one more time….

Ace and I are starting this new life together and I now have to take into consideration what his family has planned. Before I met him I was selfish with my time when it comes to the holidays. I remember telling my dad that it didn’t matter who I was dating, they would have to just get with the program and accept the fact that this is how I spend my holidays! (super selfish) Holidays at the Mann house are a production yall.fullsizeoutput_396e

We started cooking and preparing 2 days before the actual holiday and my mama played no games when it came to presentation. The tree above is 12 feet tall and takes us up to 2 hours to decorate! These are all of things I remember and get excited about when the holidays come around. I now see how selfish it is to totally disregard your partners family and plans. I want our kids to be able to look back and say on Christmas Eve we all put on pajamas and watched Christmas movies. Those are the things that they will remember. This year Ace’s mom is hosting her annual Christmas party at our place and I’m pretty excited about it. On Christmas Eve we are all going to feed the less fortunate as one big happy family and on Christmas Day we will open gifts here at our house then make our rounds! Follow my social media for a play by play of all of the holiday festivities.

This week is jammed packed with kids holiday parties and programs and Christmas is 8 days away!! I have been PRAYING for just a little bit of snow, I will even take freezing rain at this point. Winter has passed Texas by year after year and every year I am so bummed about it. I got a little taste of snow while I was in Atlanta working but I wanted to be at home snowed in with my man and my kids.IMG_0927

Next year I will be spending Christmas away from Texas and I will be somewhere where there will be inches of snow and I’m going to attempt to convince the whole family to join me!

fullsizeoutput_3908 I know you guys were expecting wedding details in this weeks blog post but as you can see Christmas has taken over me! The only details I have about the wedding are that I found THE DRESS(you guys will have to wait like the groom) and I have a date and place! Oh wait, our colors are black and white with a deep red as a pop of color. I am on the fence about whether or not to make the majority of our reception decorations or give up my arm and both legs to pay for them?? We are doing a small simple wedding for two reasons: 1, We are paying for it ourselves and 2, because we don’t want to be that couple that went broke behind a wedding and now the marriage is suffering. We are only asking our parents to help out with a few things but the main expenses are coming from our wallet!! I read somewhere that people who spend ridiculously amounts of money on their wedding end up getting divorced…NOT ON MY WATCH!

I promise to post on Wednesday with more details about my Christmas obsession and I will be posting my gifts because I’m not waiting until Christmas Day! Lol…

Happy Holidays


20 thoughts on “It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! (Planning a wedding during the holidays)

  1. Ohhh I wish we were friends. I did my own decorations and used a florist for 6 flower towers that were less than $300. You can order your flowers online. Pintrest has many ideas. I used vases from the thrift stores that were .49 and .99 cent and went on days when there was additional sales. I ordered linen and table accessories from wholesale companies online. You can order vases wholesale as well. Hobby Lobby alternates their wedding items weekly at 50% off. Bride’s on a Budget is a excellent page on FB.. My wedding was about $6800 with everything included. Venue, food, etc. Someone else payed for my dress. I can’t wait to hear your details.

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      1. My husband and I got married in our apartment with a few family/friends, my dress was 35.00; our cake was the most exspensive item…..$75.00 We had two children at the time, four more arrived and we would have been married 28 years in October of this year. The love between us meant more than the money spent. I am so happy for you and your blended family, can’t wait to continue this journey with you one blog at a time.

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  2. Hey Porcia
    I really enjoyed your blog. I’m so very happy for you and Ace. And I pray that everything works out in y’all favor. I know you said your not having a big wedding. What ever kind of wedding you have. Be HAPPY, because it’s ALL about y’all day. I’ve been married for 30 yrs now. And I’m still in love with my hubby. A lot of people’s was against US, because I’m 2 yrs older than my hubby. But GOD has been so good to US!!! Porcia I want keep going on, because I could write a book. Take care of yourself.

    P.S. Porcia can you please follow me?? Please on ig???

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  3. Just Beautiful!!!!!! Every Day of our Lives is a Gift from God and chapters are being written to Inspire Bring Hope to People and Provoke Change for the Better!!!!! Continue to Love each other Pieces and Ace and do Gods Will because he Loves his People!! Thanks for the Inspiration in you’re Blog!!!!

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  4. I took can’t wait until Christmas. As for the wedding My husband I was going to the Court house but the church we attend did everything for us all that did was give us more room to it big on our honeymoon.

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  5. It is such an exciting time in your life and you sound so happy and I am so happy for you hun. May God keep blessing you and Ace and y’all’s family with many wonderful blessings. Love the blog and thank you for sharing your life with us.

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  6. hey Porcia i love of your blogs story congratulations on your engagement cant wait to read more blogs many many blessing to come for you n your hubby n family

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  7. Love it Porcia, I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your world wind of a lifetime. Young ladies who’s watching will looking up to you and your wonderful blogs.

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  8. Even tho’ I’m single, I’m sooooo living vicariously thru you and this blog…it gives me LIFE, and your story keeps me positive that “He” is out there for me too!

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  9. Merry Christmas to all of the family. Best of Luck with your wedding. I met you in OKC, you stopped to have a picture made with my friend and myself. May God bless your new life and marriage. Just borrow your mom and dad’s marriage instruction book!!!!!

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