Ten of my favorite moments from 2017….

2017 was good to me! Going into the New Year(No “s”, there’s only one guys) I don’t ever make resolutions because I know that I’m going to break them. New year, new me? NOPE! Same Porcia just progressing and growing. 2018 will be a year of LOVE for me! Take a look below at some of my favorite photos from 2017. They aren’t in order or anything(Description will be under each photo)

State Fair of Texas! I ate everything fried. Top food: Fried Collard greens. This is me trying to make my 7 year old crack a smile after she threw a temper tantrum because we didn’t go on a certain ride. Don’t get it twisted I will give her a look and I’m a true black mama so I believe in whoopings, BUT every situation doesn’t call for that so this day I chose to handle her with a little TLC..

Cancun!!!! Went to Cancun for my birthday with ace and a couple of my cousins. We ate and swam every single day. Peep the swim suit(Victoria’s Secret). High waist swimsuits are so perfect for me because I have love handles AND stretch marks. It’ll hide em real good ladies!

This should’ve been number 1!! I got engaged to the love of my life. I posted this on Facebook and people talked about how ashy my hands were…Don’t worry I got em together real quick.

I know I always say I’m an introvert and I don’t have many friends but I consider these crazy people my family! These are My best friends for over 10 years! (I feel super old) This night they came to support the Mannsworld Family Tour. Y’all, our group messages be LIT, like you have no idea.

I have been working HARD on getting my hair healthy and long and this was after a trim…She’s not Pocahontas but she’s healthy with a little hang time. I think this was after interviews for the reality show because I had on a full face of makeup and we all know I don’t do that on a regular basis…

My whole family dressed up as civil rights activists and leaders to educate our kids! I was Harriet Tubman and I looked A MESS!! I got the job done tho. I made an “underground railroad”(Yes my name is Porcia, but don’t think we all think it’s an actual railroad. I know the difference) I had a little lantern and Everything.

I got to go to the Grammys for the first time! Best experience EVER. My mom won her first Grammy…I’m a die hard Beyoncé fan and I passed by her three times!! YEAR MADE!!

I found my wedding dress and it didn’t take but one day!!! I’d already made up in my mind when I started this wedding dress search that I would find it in the first two stores. I HATE shopping and after about and hour I’m over it. The dress is GORGEOUS y’all!!!…Pics to come after the Wedding..

I have a daughter who is in high school!! Y’all I’m new to this teenager thing but I think I’m doing good. Also, she’s a great kid so I don’t have too many problems out of her..Just typical teenage stuff.

Let’s talks about how BOMB the IPhone X camera is…I don’t own an IPhone X but these pictures were from an impromptu photo shoot that papa decided to have. My daddy has a good eye!!

This entire year has been nothing but good to me but these moments are some of my favorites…

Everyone have a SAFE New year…Until next year 😊


7 thoughts on “Ten of my favorite moments from 2017….

  1. Great year and great photos, this past year was wonderful for you and 2018 is going to be even better, I am so happy for you hun because you deserve all the happiness in the world. You are a great mom to your three girls and you are going to be a great mom to your new children. You and Ace are going to have a wonderful family together. God bless you all. Happy New Year to you all.

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  2. From the Time you were born!!!! Greatness was upon you’re Life!!!! Trials and Tribulations lead to Elevation Promotion Prominence and Favor!!!! God has brought you to the Promised Land!!!! There are still Gifts and Talents in you that are Coming Forth in Jesus Name!!! Daughter never be afraid to express the Authenticity of who God truly made you because Mama is still evolving in Jesus Name!!!!! Global Mentor P!!!!! You are helping Souls everywhere!!!

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