La República Dominicana

Most of the time when you hear someone say they are traveling to the Dominican Republic you automatically think they will be flying first class and staying at some fancy resort. I’ll admit I was a little spoiled about the logistics surrounding this trip. In my line of work my normal requests for accommodations are 4 star and above, but i had to check myself. This is a trip for ministry. We ended our first day here with dinner and after dinner I walked outside and just looked up. I’m so blessed and I thank God for every opportunity he has allowed me to have. I’m forever grateful and it’s such a humbling feeling… We started and ended each mission and each meal off with a prayer of thanks and I think that’s what is most important.

Compassion International is a child sponsorship program that we linked up with during our Mannsworld Family Tour. If you came to one of the shows you probably remember a representative getting on stage and telling you how important it is to sponsor a child and that your money makes a difference. IT’S TRUE!! I’VE WITNESSED FIRST HAND

“Children growing up in poverty in both urban and rural settings suffer from a poor quality of education. Without a solid education, their chances of rising above poverty are bleak.” – Compassion International

The area we visited on this trip can be researched via Compassion Dominican Republic

There is a team of women who have weekly meetings to help educate mothers on how to properly care for their children by purifying their water and just basic need to knows for their living conditions. To break it down because I’m having trouble finding the right adjectives to describe it to y’all it’s basically like our WIC program at home in the states minus the government funding and all of the lovely resources we have. Y’all know I’ve always been real with you guys so let’s chat for a second. Before this trip when i heard “sponsor a child” and I saw anything remotely close to giving my money to a child in another country I would IMMEDIATELY decline. Today I learned that my thought process was warped. I would always say we have kids in Fort Worth and Dallas Tx that I can help. My statement still stands, because we do have children in our own back yards that could use some help, but my heart softened a bit today after visiting with these families. They don’t have the resources that we have. We walked through “neighborhoods” and did “house” visits and the way that these people live makes me want to do 2 things: The first thing is to bring awareness to how important it is to at least read up on the Compassion International agenda, and it made me aware that I take advantage of the small things.

It was one thing to see the videos and encourage people to sign up and get involved but to actually be in the field and see that your money is going directly to a great cause was simply eye opening. We boarded a bus that seats about 30 people and went to a small town to see the program that is set into place to help mothers with their children. My group went to visit a couple and their baby at their home. We got off the bus and walked for what seemed like FOREVER down dirt roads, over rocks, under trees, pass children playing outside with no shoes on, past chickens and horses, and I asked are we almost there? I asked this question because I stopped seeing structures and started to see tin shacks that looked abandoned. “This is our home” is what the woman said and pointed at one of the tin buildings. MIND BLOWN. Their home was a tin building probably the size of my bathroom at home. There was a translator with us who encouraged us to ask questions so we went right in. Is there electricity? Their answer was sometimes but not everyday. What about water? They come twice a week to draw water and they have to walk about 30 minutes to get the water. When they get the water they have to boil it then put 5 drops of chlorine in the water and wait for it to cool before they can even use it. The conversation took a turn for the best because now it was their turn to ask us questions. They asked my age, how many children I had, and what I liked to do for fun…I said I’m a home body so I just like to stay in…They burst out laughing and although they didn’t speak English I knew what they were saying. The lady held up 3 fingers and said that’s why you have 3 kids from staying in the house so much!!!! We didn’t speak the same language but we had a moment…

Their living conditions didn’t affect their smile and the MAIN thing is that they are believers. They know that God is with them and that’s what gets them through each day. That pretty much sums up my first day in the Dominican Republic. If you are at all interested in just at least reading up on The compassion International program just click on the link and at least educate yourself! If you would like to know more about sponsorship just click the link right here Why should I sponsor a child? No they aren’t paying me to write this I just genuinely think more people should be aware of what’s going on in other parts of the world….

It’s currently 10:23pm here in the DR which means it’s 8:23pm at home. I’ve been up since 5am my time, so I’m going to try to catch some Z’s….I will post about my last day here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “La República Dominicana

  1. That is such a blessing and an honor to witness what some take advantage of. We are blessed and it’s a blessing to have the things that others may not have. Sometimes we forget and God has to show us how blessed we are and not to take what he blesses us with for granted. So inspired by what you have shared with us thus for and praying for the many family’s that are living in a way were they are not able to have. If we take the time to think about it we maybe a check away from being in that position. I’m with you, I thank God everyday for we’re I am and what he has blessed me with!! He is truly an awesome God!!! It also teaches us to educate our children so that they can be grateful for what they have!!! Praying for safe travels back to the states for you and the fam!!!


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  2. Porcia!!! I am So glad God has exposed you to many different Facets of Life!!! Reading this Blog!!!!! I have learned down thru Life we must Count our Blessings and Be Grateful to God for what we have and Help Somebody on this Earth!!!! This is what touches the Heart of God!!;;;;;;Love u and Thanks for Educating us!!!!

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