Our babies are being molested, our teens aren’t safe and women are being shamed for speaking up…Who’s job is it to protect us?

I have been staring at my computer for a couple of hours. Typing and deleting OVER and OVER! The thing about blogging for me is having all of the facts and being knowledgable about what I am writing about. My opinion on sexual harassment is very simple. Keep your hands to yourself. Period. It is just that simple. We were taught right from wrong at an early age and if you have to ask yourself if what you are about to do is wrong then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. I don’t care if you are the CEO of a billion dollar company or just a regular Joe. I don’t care if she has on a short skirt or if she is curvy. Nothing a woman wears ever makes it ok for you cop a feel. Although your president has led you in the wrong direction I am here to tell you that you may NOT grab her by the p****.  Next time a man says something inappropriate ask him would he say that to his mother or his daughter…Here lately every time I turn on the news there is something about women being sexually assaulted. The sad thing about most of these cases are that the women don’t come forward because they are afraid to lose their jobs so they have to go to work day after day and deal with harassment. Our babies are being molested and our teens can’t even go to the “doctor” without being violated……WHO’S JOB IS IT TO PROTECT US?  God knew what he was doing when he created woman. We are able to produce life…Just stop and think about all of the things our bodies go through during pregnancy and child birth. MIND BLOWN…fullsizeoutput_41eaNow I may get into a little bit of trouble for this blog post, but oh well. Can’t win em all. Ace always makes fun of me because I am “girl power” on another level. Before I dive in let me say this. Although I strongly believe in justice for our women and I’m all for equality, I do not think it is ok to lie and play victim. You are the definition of scandalous if you make up false stories for financial gain. You don’t ruin a persons life because you are in your feelings. Just like there are stories about women being the victim there are probably 2 or 3 more stories about men being victims, but this post ain’t about the men. Today I’m talking about the women….The answer to my question is US.

Women should empower and uplift one another and be more understanding of each other’s situations. Yes, other people play a HUGE part in it, but we can be our own worst enemies. Often times we see one of our sisters stuck in a situation that seems like an easy fix for us, and instead of trying to understand where her head is we pass judgment. Be more compassionate and understanding ladies because you never know when you will fill those shoes. I am guilty of this but I have to check myself often because, although I am in a good place emotionally, I was once a sister who just needed an understanding heart and someone to listen without judging my process. I often find myself defending other women. It could be women I have never met and I will go all the way in.. ESPECIALLY when a man has something to say.  They have valid points sometimes and their arguments somewhat makes sense, but I am a woman who has experienced different things that no man will ever understand. I am a sucker for women with rocky pasts and stories about going through life being criticized for their past mistakes and not turning out the way society thinks they should. We play the hand that we are dealt and try to make the best out of every situation good or bad. Now, im not saying that there should be no progress or growth. With maturity comes growth, so once you realize the mistakes you have made in life I definetly believe that you should take the necessary steps to get back on track. When I started dating at 16 I was sweet and innocent and soft, but after going through life and experiencing different things it has caused me to be a little harder than I was before. I guess what I am trying to say is that I just wish people would look for the good in others instead of going directly for the negative. You never know why that woman or any human for that matter is behaving a certain way. I think we should focus more on trying to understand people and different points of view instead of immediately criticizing them. Yes, I am very guarded and I may not always be politically correct and I have three children by three different men, but I am still a person. I have a genuine love for others who are compassionate and are open minded. I have the utmost respect for everyone regardless of your ethnicity, social background, and religion. I saw a post on facebook the other day that I love “I greet the janitor with the same respect as I treat the CEO”…..Just those few words speak volumes.  I don’t really understand the difference between judging and accountability….Everyone should have an accountability partner, but no one should be condemned by another human being.

It is our job to cover our babies in prayer and to protect them. Pray, be wise, and WATCH!! I am super protective of my girls and even though I know Ace would never do anything to hurt my daughters a part of me is still protective. I was always taught to never sit in a mans lap. When my dad had company my sisters and I were not allowed to sit in the room in the middle of men conversations.  We know what is best for our children, but love can also blind you. It’s not just the new men in our lives that violate our babies, it can also be family members. It can be anybody. Talk to your babies, I promise you they know more than you think. Be very mindful of the company you keep. My daughters don’t get to go spend the night at “friends” houses and go on playdates. Call me paranoid, but thats my preference. I may have met the mother and father a few times and they could very well be nice people, but what kind of company are they keeping? I can’t control what anyone does in their house, but I can control who my children are around. No, I won’t be able to be with them every minute of every day but the times I can protect them that is exactly what I plan to do. The times where they are away from me I rely on The Blood (it still works). I pray over my kids every single day. I may not always get it right as a mother and a protector but when it comes to covering them in prayer i try my hardest.

There is just something about being around women. You may have a husband and he may be your best friend, but that feeling you get when you are surrounded by a group of women and y’all are just pouring into each other is such an exhilarating feeling.

To the woman who has to strip to feed her child, you are special and you have a purpose. To the promiscuous girl who feels like your body is all you to offer, YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN GOLD BABY GIRL! To the woman who resorts to shoplifting because she can’t afford diapers and her pride won’t let her ask for help, your breakthrough is closer than you think. I was once all of these women until the day I started loving myself and I realized I am his child so I’m destined for greatness! Pick up the phone and call someone you know and let them know how great they are!!  


12 thoughts on “Our babies are being molested, our teens aren’t safe and women are being shamed for speaking up…Who’s job is it to protect us?

  1. All I can say is WOW Porcia you did it again. I hope you know just how much you are helping others by your wonderful blogs. You are so good at putting things in simple terms that really help. God gave you this special gift and you are using it to help and give others so much inspiration. Thank you sweetheart for all you are doing.

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  2. Someone somewhere needs this post! A lot of women NEED THIS POST! And you’re so right! You have to protect and cover your children. Every story of rape or molestation I know involves family members. It’s like you can help but to protect your children from EVERYONE, without any apologies for it, because these things happen. I love that you end by uplifting women in the predicaments you mentioned. We really don’t know people’s struggles all the time. A sister who is helpful and not critical makes a huge difference. Love this. I felt this in my heart. Thank you for the post

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  3. I understand everything you are saying I feel you and are right yes we have to pary for our babies young and when they are grown like mind I have five but I lost one my baby girl this year it will be 4 year but I know pary do work Jesus have help me through a lot or thing I did have a dad my mother reais us up by her self and I love her for being a strong black woman and she raise us up to be strong and her boys I was a v.to when I was a child and in my teen but I’m here and strong I’m 57 and a grandmother and going to be a great grandmother and I’m very Happy we woman have to stick to gather right

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  4. Daughter God is Making u Stronger each day because again u were Born to Win and u are Winning!!!!! You’re Life is Valuable and you have Tapped into You’re Purpose!! Global Mentor Wow!!! So much Wisdom and Experience in you’re Writings!!!! God already Foreknew what u are Evolving into a Precious Young Woman in God that is a Instrument of Encouragement Knowledge Wisdom Healing and the Goal is seeing lives changed for the Better and at the End of the Day!!! Love Heals the Land rather than hate!! Ask Dr. King or God himself!!! You want people to know their Lives are Valuable holds Purpose and yes we have Standards we must strive to Live by daily in order to See Jesus!!!! It Can be done thru Prayer!!!! Children are gifts from God and we should Stand up in God and Protect them and also educate them to Protect themselves!!!! Keep letting God use you!!! Proud of u!!! Let’s Keep Praying and Stay Focused!!!

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  5. Just checked out your blog in depth for the first time. Great articles thus far. Loved this one. Especially coming in the wake of the viral child molestation/child porn video that people were so salaciously sharing and viewing on Facebook. Simply speaking out about it in a 20-word post that “those sharing it or watching it should be arrested for child pornography” went viral as well.
    Take that devil!
    We are definitely living in perilous times. We must TRAIN UP, EDUCATE, AND GIVE PRACTICAL TOOLS to our children. If we don’t….the internet or their peers will.

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