Here comes the bride….zilla!!!

Ok it was totally my idea to have a wedding, but here comes the anxiety. My wedding is one month away and there are SO many details that I hadn’t even taken into consideration. The list of things I forgot to do is so embarrassing but hey this is my first wedding so I think I should get a pass. Going into this I knew that we were not going to spend an obscene amount of money. I care more about the marriage, but I want the memories of the wedding. I want to be able to put on that dress and cry the whole time I’m doing it, walk with my dad down the isle (and cry some more), let my daughters see me marry the man of my dreams, and eat party and go home. Today I just realized I don’t have any shoes for myself, the girls, nor the bridesmaids! LOL…(bride of the year goes to me). In my mind I am super behind but according to google I am right on track.(google does not lie)

I know you all want to know every detail, but honestly I don’t even know.  I will say this: We chose to do a small(I think) ceremony and reception with 150 of our family and closest friends. The location is so beautiful and the pictures will be breathtaking. Our colors are a simple black and white with a splash of dark crimson red.(crimson is such a fancy word, just imagine dark red)…. Let me tell y’all how I chose the bridesmaids dresses.Ok so I have 6 bridesmaids, Tonya is my 1st cousin/bestfriend if you follow me on social media you probably have seen a picture or two of her….Then I have Nerra, she is my sister on my moms side, Tia(y’all know I had to put the clown in the wedding), Raeana(tonyas sister), Leo(tonyas baby sister), and my 15 year old!!  I decided to put all of my family in the wedding for 1 reason. BUDGET! LOL! I would love to have all of my friends AND my sisters and cousins in the wedding but the way my pockets are set up it wasn’t possible…..My bridesmaids and I went to Davids Bridal and we went through about 8 dresses… YALL I didn’t like ANY of the dresses.. I had all of them try on different dresses in all different colors and we still had no luck. The video below is the final dress before I decided to give up hope. I’m not knocking David Bridals dress selection, but for me it was a no. I say that because my bridesmaids range from a size 2 to 14….Some dresses complimented one body and looked not so flattering on the next. This day was super fun tho because I got to hang with my sisters and cousins….Of course Tia was clowning…..

After 2 more stops I was OVER IT!! I just told everyone to find a long black dress. I am not the one to shop at 15 different stores and spend weeks trying to find dresses.  All of their dresses are different styles but they are super cute.

It took me 1 day and two stores to find my dress!! Before we started dress shopping I already made it up in my mind that I was going to find the dress that day. We went to the first store and the lady had all these dresses picked out. 3…2….1 GO! I tried on the first dress and it was SOOOO PRETTY. In my mind that was it, I like it and let’s go..(Wrong)..Try on more they said. I tried on big dresses, tight dresses, white dresses, super long dresses, I mean GAH-LEE! With no luck at the first store we pulled up to Avas Bridal Couture and before we got out the car I was like “Yea if I don’t find it in here today I’m done looking for today”. The second store was a bit smaller but the dresses were stunning….I knew I wanted a simple dress that I can be comfortable in but still beautiful. I wanted it to be mermaid fitted and long sleeves….There was this dress on a mannequin that I passed by but didn’t pay attention to. I glanced at it and followed the lady to the back to get started. My parents, my mom, Ace’s mom, my best friend Jaz, Tonya, and Tia were all with me on this day so this time they all picked out a dress they wanted me to try on. So I started trying on everybody dress and my friend is like just try this last one on and it was the dress that I walked by. On the Mannequin it was just ok but when I put it on……..I KNEW INSTANTLY!!! Everyone was still outside of the dressing room but when I looked at myself in the mirror I started to tear up. “You are a bride, a BEAUTIFUL bride at that. I had a little moment to myself and pulled back the curtain.. I took the little walk in front of everyone and they Ooo’d and Aww’d, I made sure I could stand up and sit down comfortably and made sure I could twerk a lil sum(because duh)…I SAID YES TO THE DRESS(and I did it in one day). I can only show y’all a piece of it but I PROMISE after the wedding I will work your nerves with all the pictures…

.IMG_0247 2


The next couple of weeks are going to go by super fast. I leave for work on Valentines Day(bummer) and I won’t be home until about 11 days before the wedding…Before I leave I have to go to my last dress fitting and find shoes…. Y’all pray for me and I promise to keep y’all posted…


8 thoughts on “Here comes the bride….zilla!!!

  1. No sweat; it’s shoes. Pick a color for the bridesmaids and they can pick their own shoes. Your girls just depends on what you like cause if you’re an old school, they have no say in the matter since they’re not paying-lol. You, want cute and comfy but depending on the length of your dress, you may opt for ballerina slippers.


  2. Typical stuff that happens. The has a wedding checklist. I got married and spent about 6500. BUT it wasn’t the wedding of my dreams. Too many trying to sabatoge the wedding. My colors were pastel grey, yellow, white and silver. Married in June. I paid for everyone’s stuff. Shoes found at clearance racks and garage sales. Their dresses were 69 a piece on David’s Bridal website. My plus bridesmaid was $120. Family members covered food we had Wal-Mart chicken, ham, greens, Mac and Cheese, salad and rolls. Country Time lemonade. No liquor and my childhood sitter purchased my dress. I can’t wait to see your pictures. I’m so excited and happy for you 😊😊

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  3. I love your blog! As I’m reading your blogs I’m laughing about this one in particular. Bahaha the dress shopping bfor my bridesmaids was a mess too. I went to David’s and yea no wasn’t happy. I finally ended up having everyone order their dress from Chadwick’s ( I don’t even know if they still around lol) my girls ranged from different sizes too. My flower girl dresses I got from Burlington. Shoes were from payless dyed to match the dress. Let’s not get into my dress. Stuff wasn’t right, my receipt got wet and so my alterations the lady tried to say I didn’t pay for….that bridezilla mess is real lol. The day of my wedding nothing went as planned but it worked out. I wish you many Blessings on your special day💕

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