Murder in a small town…

Todays blog post was supposed to be about my pre-wedding jitters, but something kept tugging me. When you are a mother you feel different things. You’re super sensitive to situations that involve children because you naturally think about your own babies.

Yesterday was the beginning of a long journey for a little boy and his family in Hillsboro, Tx. You may have never heard me talk about Hillsboro Texas but this is a small town about 60 miles south of where I live now. This town is where my mother and grandmother live. I have a sister and cousins there, but most importantly this is where all of my children were born. When you’re from a small town your dream is to move to a big city with bright lights and never look back, but this town is where a lot of my character was built. The reason why I’m so appreciative and humble. There is so much drama in small towns but just as much of a family feel. When I would visit my mama for Christmas break as a kid I remembered the “downtown” area would be decorated with lit up wreaths and garland. It was a feeling I can’t describe. Everything wasn’t always peaches and cream when I lived there. It was also the place where I experienced my first heartbreak, my first time getting my lights cut off because I couldn’t pay the bill, and my first time having to “struggle”. I didn’t talk to very many people outside of my family. I was really quiet and just myself most of the time. My sister and cousins knew EVERYBODY. I would be cordial with their friends and then go on about my business.

Deonshira Slider was gunned down outside of her home. Imagine just waking up like its a regular day, you’re getting ready to head out, you put the kids in the car, check the mail and you’re thinking about what donut shop you will go to for your kids when you get back in the car. What will the daily conversation be this morning with your kids?? That opportunity was stripped away from her. SHE WAS TOO YOUNG!!… I didn’t personally know this young lady, as a matter of fact I had never had a single conversation with her. I didn’t know what she liked or who she was friends with, but what I do know is that she was a mother. She has a mother and family members that are heartbroken. She has a son that will have to go through life with questions and a range of emotions. He will ask God why. He will ask his family members why…Why my mom? This has to stop. We have to think about the things we do before we do them. This wasn’t just a random killing. There were events leading up to this tragedy.. Now, I won’t get into all of the specifics of what I have heard about this horrible tragedy out of respect for the people that were close to her because that is how rumors get started and this isn’t what this post is about. My heart goes out to her mother because today is the anniversary of her sons death and now she has to bury her daughter. No mother should ever have to experience that kind of pain.

So today I want you all to hug your family a little tighter, talk a little longer, and say I love you more often because you never know when it will be your last conversation…..

To help the family out with burial expenses and any expenses that occur during this process visit Deonshira Slider Memorial Fund



6 thoughts on “Murder in a small town…

  1. My niece was caught in cross fire between her ex boyfriend and her brother on August 1st (which is my moms birthday). She was meeting her ex to get her belongings they exchanged words and he then hit her. She called her brother whom cane to her . When my nephew arrived he and her ex exchanged words as well and her ex had two other gentlemen hiding behind buildings and gunfire rang out from everywhere. She took a bullet straight to the heart and died and hour later. She was only 19 years old and a full time student in college with no children. She had such a bright future ahead of her. I miss her so much that tears are falling as I type this!!! We’ve got to do something to put and end to this!!!!

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  2. I’m from Hillsboro, as we. Like you I appreciate the warm, friendly feel of that small city. However, just like larger cities, Hillsboro needs to ensure that there are places for citizens to receive adequate mental health treatment. Since August, there has been a tragic death in the community almost every month. Besides incarceration people what is the city doing to rehabilitate citizens, educate people on mental health issues, or address crisis is? I’m sure that there were many red flags along the way that were ignored. Not a young boy and families are suffering.

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  3. What a hearfelt message. Isn’t this sad? Makes us want to hug our loved onesespevially our babies so tight! This a prime example of our human frailty. Like there are just No Words that could Ease the pain, anger, the rage and the fact that Deon’s son, mom ((Elaine) or father (Douglas) and Jeol nem (grandparents) will ever hear her voice again. This is an Humbling moment and I want to commend you on using your platform to be that “Voice.” ONE of Power, Difference, Awarness whether it provokes, or OUT of the Box – Keep it up Porcia babe you’re Changing Things. You’ve sent A Message because this young Lady couldn’t fight back, and her son saw his mom get gunned down. #Tragic I just wanted to say Auntee loves this moment of Inspiration #BeDifferent

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  4. So thoughtful and Caring!!!! We are Truly living in the Last Days and we gotta stay Close to God than ever before!!! John 10:10 is very clear!!!! Satan comes to Steal Kill and Destroy but Jesus came that we may have Life and that abundantly!!!!!Keep Ministering Porcia because lives are being charged!!

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