The Morrisons…

It’s been a few weeks since I have blogged, but there is a reason. I have been taking this time to prep for the wedding. I have also been mentally preparing myself for the marriage. We took premarital counseling, we addressed any issues we had with one another immediately, and most importantly we prayed together. I know a lot of people say this but I believe this is what helped us through the sticky parts during our engagement. There is just something about good old fashioned pencil and paper. I love my computer but journaling takes me to another place.  I purchased a journal and I have been writing every feeling and emotion down. Most of the days leading up to this point have been filled with lots of excitement, anxiety, phone calls, and prayer. The journey from “Will you marry me” to “I do” has been a TRYING one. I feel like we have already been through the beginning rough patch that everyone has warned us about.

3 things that I have learned during this process:

  1. If you are engaged and are planning a wedding, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Don’t spend a lot of money trying to impress your guests and don’t make unnecessary purchases. This is just one day and you have to live after this day so keep it simple.
  2. Somebody will be unhappy. There is no way around this. Either you will forget to invite someone or you just simply don’t want to invite certain people. The wedding details will not be the only thing to stress you out during this time. From the beginning to the end you will have disagreements with family members, friends who wanna invite extra people, and vendors who make all types of last minute requests.  Do what you and your spouse are pleased with! It is your wedding and you don’t have to answer to anyone about the things you all decide on.
  3. Finally, make sure to stop and live in the moment. All of the details of the wedding will make you miss the little things that really matter.

The “big” day for me started out so perfect. My sister and cousin came to stay the night with me because I kicked ace out for the night. I thought I wanted the night before to just be alone but once they came I realized that this is what I needed. I needed laughs and just some good conversation. We all put on pajamas and rode to Taco Cabana, came back to my house and watched Law abiding citizen!! (We are so lame but it felt so good to just chill) A lot of Ace’s family and friends flew in town a day early so they had plenty to do to keep him occupied. We woke up the next morning and in true Porcia fashion I realized I forgot to pick up a few things so we went to the mall. Before we got out of the car I gave us a time limit of ONE HOUR to run in and get what we needed. We left the mall, stopped by chic fil a, because the kids had to eat, and we headed back to the house! (Mall selfies below) IMG_2997


I had everything packed and together already so we just had to load the cars up with suitcases and the kids so we could head to the venue. I made sure the kids ate, packed their iPad and phone chargers to keep them occupied during the hair and makeup process, and locked the house up and headed out.  Now as you can tell in the photo above the sun was shining and there were clear blue skies everywhere. IMG_3039

The bridal suite was magical. I mean every girls dream. There were mirrors EVERYWHERE. I walked in to see my sister-in-law steaming the bridesmaids robes and a couple of my bridesmaids already getting their makeup done. My sisters were trying to keep me occupied because I couldn’t sit still. My initial thought was for the bridal suite to be peaceful and quiet because I needed to “focus” and reflect and I didn’t want there to be any chaos. I would have went CRAZY sitting in that room all by myself. We had music playing, the kids were running around playing, and we had people in and out. I made sure I looked at everything taking place in the room while I was getting all dolled up. I wanted to live in those moments.  I looked in one corner and my daughter was painting my grandmas nailsfullsizeoutput_45f3.jpegThen I looked around and she was brushing my moms hairfullsizeoutput_4636Me, Tia and Tiffany somehow ended up getting hair and makeup done at the same time. Tia was trying to keep me from going downstairs to look at all of the decorations and Tiffany was forcing me to eat. I didn’t really have an appetite but that didn’t stop her from ordering me a quesadilla. (Tiffany was serving face hunni. LOL)


Karla Langs, who is also my moms stylist, SLAYED my hair for this special day, Toya Fennel, and Krystal Gentry were the makeup artists.  I also have to plug Missy’s Hair boutique for providing the BEST quality hair and Buddha the Lace Connoisseur for making my first time wearing a lace frontal the best experience ever. fullsizeoutput_45ed.jpeg

As the day went on I noticed more and more clouds rolling in and the sun was totally covered. I was so bummed about the weather because the ceremony was supposed to take place outside and then everyone would come inside for the reception. My mom finally came into the bridal suite and asked me if I wanted to go ahead and move everything inside because the rain was coming in. I checked the weather app on my phone and saw that it was a 90 percent chance so I just asked her to move everything inside. All of the moving was taking place as I was finishing my makeup, seconds before I put on my dress. I almost started crying but then I had to tell myself that it wasn’t about the weather or the decorations. I was getting ready to marry my soulmate.

My dad was the first person to see me before I got ready to walk down the aisle. I stood at the top of the stairs anxious because they were taking to long to start. Had the rain stopped? Did they get everything moved inside? I couldn’t wait any longer….My dad asked me if I was ready, we snapped a few photos and he helped me down the stairs. fullsizeoutput_463c

The feeling I had just before those doors opened is one that I can’t put into words but I will try. I thanked God for allowing me the honor to be someones wife and I asked him to guide me the whole way.  With each step I took I imagined myself stepping over every bad decision, every guy who ever made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, every person in my life who held my past against me, and every tear I shed. I walked alllllllll the way past my past!  I looked up about halfway down the aisle to find Ace’s eyes. I didn’t expect to see him crying because thats not what he does. I looked up and saw him and his groomsman smiling from ear to ear.IMG_3128

Once we made it down his exact words were “look at you looking all good and stuff”. LOL! At first I was like babe FOCUS!! But this is the person I fell in love with. My tears turned into laughter and we had our own moment.  Ace, his family and friends are very unorthodox. They have a CRAZY sense of humor, but the main thing I loved about their presence at the wedding was the genuine love they had for us. All that mattered to them was how I treated him. They have a saying “dance with those who dance back”…At first I was like what the heck are y’all talking about?? But the more I started to think about it the more it made sense. They didn’t care who was looking or who did what..They danced ALL NIGHT long!  He was more excited than nervous because he said I have been his wife all along. The thing about Ace is that he has his serious moments before things happen. He was so excited that he kept cutting the pastor off (only Ace). We got through our vows. Of course I cried. The thing that I held on to from his vows was “I got you”. Someone has me. I am someones number 1. That is something I have NEVER been before and it is a wonderful feeling to love someone and be loved back equally…. I am his WIFE!!

Due to the weather the coordinators had to flip the room around to get ready for the ceremony in the midst the wedding party taking pictures. My mom found these sweet and thoughtful ladies to put together all of the decor and MAN. I didn’t get very many pictures with my mom because she was a busy bee from the beginning of the day all the way until the last song was played.  Once I finally stopped and took a look around, the room was beautiful. (The sweetheart table is pictured below)IMG_3268There were roses EVERYWHERE. Everyone kept saying how pretty everything was and this pictures does it no justice. Glamorize IT is the name of the company that is owned by this mother and daughter and they came all the way through with the looks!! IMG_3112

Our cake was provided Kelly Kaxe

IMG_3208IMG_3289The amount of time and love that was put into this delicious STUNNING cake says a lot about him! He is perfection. (lemme brag a little bit)He is the season 4 episode 3 winner of cake wars! I met Kelly at one of our shows. The first cake I ever saw from him was the one that he brought for my family. He was in the VIP line to take pictures and he asked me if he could bring this cake in. I was skeptical at first, but hey how can you say no to cake??!! Not only was the cake BEAUTIFUL, it was actually good! The cake was definitely the biggest conversation piece! Bravo Kelly…

The reception was one big party

I was so tired and sweaty by the end of the night! The DJ started out with the typical wedding songs. Line dances and songs to get the old people out of the way and then he played this! Straight to the dance floor I went because ain’t nothing like some good ol ratchet music! We danced and snapped pictures in between songs and then danced some more. From my mama and ace dancing to Atomic dog to my daddy out there trying to rap Cardi B with me, we were unapologetically LIT!! IMG_3213IMG_3266.JPGIMG_32055C0898FF-D5C7-4709-AAC6-C1DFE798DE5BBoth of my granny’s!!!!  I pray that I am this beautiful when I am their age..

MY WOES!!!!! The ladies in this picture have been in my life for over 10 years! What I love about them is that they aren’t the type friends that are needy. You know the people who don’t understand that everyone has their own individual stuff going on and they start doing too much when you don’t talk every single day?? Nobody has time for that. We all understand each others schedules and lives but when we link up its like we don’t skip a beat….Our group chats get me through the toughest times because there is no telling what will be said…..I LOVE THEM!! IMG_3279.JPGfullsizeoutput_4594.jpegOur kids did SOOO good in the wedding! Everyone made it to the end of the night without spilling anything on themselves. Boy Boy was our MC for the night, Maddy, Kennedy and Cita danced and sang every song and Rhi stood by her Nanny the whole night. (yep I invited my Childs grandmother to my wedding)…

We didn’t have any real honeymoon plans because of the way our accounts are set up!! LOL..After everyone left we loaded the kids up in the car and came straight HOME!! (SO LAME) Ace was so drunk and I was dog tired. THAT DIDN’T STOP US FROM ENDING CELIBACY THO 🙂 I have to go out of town for work in Vegas this weekend so I’ll drag him along and we will honeymoon in Vegas!

The day was just beautiful from start to finish! I tried to cover as much as possible with photos and everything I could but It was just so much. It is 2 days later and my heart is still so full. As I sit back and reflect on Saturday I keep circling back to the fact that this is the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with. We won’t always get along and he may be SUPER extra at times but he loves me and he treats me like a queen…I may be that annoying wife on social media for a few weeks but just keep scrolling guys. Feels good to say MY HUSBAND….IMG_3261.JPGIMG_3258fullsizeoutput_45b7

Finally Morrison….Mrs. Morrison


14 thoughts on “The Morrisons…

  1. Congratulations hun!! I just want you to know I love reading your blogs. I’ve never been the bookworm and most of the time if I pick up a book it’s to read to my daughter. Your blogs make we want to read them because I can relate. I really hope that you and your family come to SC because I would really love to meet you and say thank you for being so open. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one dealing with things but then I read your blogs and I realize that I’m not alone and things will get better not just for me but for you as well. Once again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Porscha!!!!!! Soooo excited and happy for you and Ace. Thank you for sharing your journey. I think this blog was sooo awesome!!!!!! I enjoyed reading it week by week. Again congratulations on your wedding bliss of a lifetime!!!


  3. I am so happy for you and Ace and your family. Wishing y’all a life time of love and happiness. The wedding looked so very beautiful. Congratulations.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Im so happy for y’all i hope abd pary for God to bless y’all marrage and family i see y’all having fun that good that what its all about love and happen

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Absolutely Beautiful!!! Congratulations and Best wishes to you both! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I could feel the love through the pictures. Continue to keep God first, and everything else will be ok. Check your cash app.!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congratulations to you and Ace! I wish you all the best! I enjoyed ready your blog. I felt all the love and excitement through your writings. Enjoy your beautiful life God has Blessed you with!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations! I loved your story and wish you and your family the best. What God put together, let no man put asunder. You are a very wonderful spirit, so I’m so sure that youre loved so much. God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Congratulations Mrs. Morrison. I pray the blessings of God over your family, may He cover, keep, and protect you all. Enjoy every moment of your life.😘😘😘😘


  9. I know I’m late on this but congratulations love you deserve everything that god has blessed you with I loved everything about your special day ive dropped countless tears about this one may your marriage be everlasting and may god bless your union day by day hour after hour minute by minute and may the love between you two love birds be unforgettable and please stay in love you’ve been my biggest inspiration from the very start you given so much to look forward to youve given me my identy back because of you ive learned that im doing everything im suppose to just right god has directed me to you for many reasons thanks love and stay blessed


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