Is an emotional detox necessary?

There are so many things that can disturb your peace. When I started this article I had a long list of the things that have disturbed my peace of mind, but as soon as I started writing them something in me said “Do not type another word”. By speaking these things into the atmosphere, like I have done sooo many times, I am only giving them more life. Every season in your life seems to bring more criticism and the moment you think you have taken strides forward someone says something to set you back. NOT THIS TIME! You are responsible for what you allow in your space. You control your own emotions and how dare you give another flawed human being that much power over you. I know we have all done some sort of detox for health and nutrition but have you done an emotional detox? Anything that is poisoning your mental state has to go TODAY!

As I start this new marriage journey I have been TRIED y’all. I know that everyone said it would be work but I didn’t expect it to start this soon. There have been financial curve balls, baby mama drama, and 4 days after the wedding there was  huge argument with my family about the way we did certain things at our wedding. I won’t lie to y’all, it ALMOST discouraged me because I was like DANG..Nothing I do is good enough. Then I stopped myself….GIRL, you are no where near the person you used to be and the mistakes you made in the past need to be left there. Don’t you dare get down on yourself ESPECIALLY when all that energy needs to be put into building this new life with your husband and now 6 children!!! God is my first priority then my husband and children. Everything and everybody else can fall where they may.

These are the things that I have been doing to detox my space:

  1. Pray…. A WHOLE LOT! There are a million things you can google on how to clear your mind and space of toxic things and people but prayer is a MUST. I feel like prayer mixed with a couple of daily routines will at least get me to the starting line and I can manage from there.
  2. Listen to motivational speeches. At first I started finding videos on youtube. I would start on one video then 2 hours in I have listened to about 10 speeches and I walk away motivated.
  3. Turn down any conversations that you think will end negatively. Even if you hear someone talking about something and it is burning you to interject, don’t.
  4. When your buttons are pushed just shut up. Silence is golden. This is a HARD one for me because boy do I have a mouth and an attitude BUT I’m working on it and these steps will most def have me whipped into shape in no time.
  5. Find a daily activity that is geared towards clearing your mind. Even if it is just taking 10 minutes out of your day to look at something funny, or draw, knit, hell just something that will take your mind off of the stress of the day. (Youtube also has some great breathing and meditation videos) This was my first time riding a horse and although I was terrified, there was something serene about it. Maybe horse back riding is something I should look into as a part of my emotional detox. Just gotta buy a house with some land and horses. LOL..Until then Mav and Tiff’s house will have to do…..
  6. Finally, surround yourself with positive people. If you are always around people that speak negatively and they just get a kick out of always complaining that will rub off on you. This is something I talk to my kids about all the time.

Different things work for different people so if you see some things up there that don’t work for you, thats ok! As long as you find something that will help you move forward then you are on the right track.


6 thoughts on “Is an emotional detox necessary?

  1. We had finances, family and friends that was all GREATLY attacked after our wedding. But we made it through. We’ll be married 3 years in June and I learn daily what “for asking all others” mean. The devil hates unity so he tries to use every area close to you to attack it. You’ll have many days where you’ll be tested but look to God. You’ll have days where you probably won’t even like him lol BUT look to God. When the world is against you 2 y’all look to each other and unite as 1 and with the power of God. Prayer will keep you. Remember how you prayed before marriage, you’ll pray more now and those are the lessons that prepared you for this. I wouldn’t even worry about the BM let him handle that or a attorney. Women see what they missed when YOU make it look good. Best blessings. Praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over your marriage.


  2. I really needed to read this blog because it’s a lot things you have put on here that i really need to do for myself. Thanks for sharing your blog. I know i really need to work more on #1 and 2.

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  3. Keep aiming toward positivity, when people see you happy they try to do everything to bring you down!! Dont allow miserable people to bring you to their level!! Just continue to build your marriage and be amazing!! You got this girl!!!

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  4. Baby girl it will be alright keep on praying and gob will see you thought it that what people want to see you fail don’t let other in y’all space just keep on doing the right thing that is praying love y’all.♥️♥️♥️♥️

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