Rhileey’s animal facts!

I am always all over the place when it comes to blogging. I am still trying to figure things out! For tonights post I decided to let my daughter Rhileey take over! She is totally obsessed with animals and is ALWAYS (like 600 times a day) randomly giving me animal facts. She had to research 5 facts about the Tasmanian devil(I thought it was just on the cartoon but she schooled me)I am going to let her word it exactly how she wants to and I’m even going to let her type it out!! …So everybody meet Rhileey!!

hi I’m rhileey! my favorite show to watch is Wild Kratts on PBS  …. today I’m going to be teaching you about the Tasmanian devil. these furry little creatures like to hunt, sleep, and play together. I am going to tell you 5 things you may not know about these unique creatures.

  1. they dig up bones to feed on the marrow. they are scavengers they prefer to eat animals that are already dead.
  2. they live on a large island  south of Australia named Tasmania.
  3. they have black fur but in looney toons it has brown fur.
  4. when they feel threatened they hiss and show their teeth.
  5. a Tasmanian devil mother is pregnant for 21 days.

Well there you have it folks! 5 things you you may have not known, or maybe you didnt even care to know about Tasmanian devils! LOL! Either way, Rhileey gave em to you….

Until next time


8 thoughts on “Rhileey’s animal facts!

  1. Hi Rhileey,
    I never knew that the Tasmanian Devil was a real animal, only a cartoon character. Thanks for giving us the facts! What would you like to become when you grow up?

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  2. Yeah!! Rhileey babe -SMART Girl! You Rock the Show! Such an informative little chick. You’re a beautiful little girl and a Brand of your Own. LOL Hey mama P. tell her to keep us informed about the Animals. Love It!!

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  3. Oh by the way I’m putting you out to a couple of people. Blog.NathanBransford.com
    I also shared your Blog. Keep inspiring Us!!! Love the storytelling.

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  4. Rhileey did an awesome job!! I was hoping the Tasmanian didn’t live in my neck of the woods… Tell Rhileey, Thanks for clarifying they are very very far away from the USA.

    I absolutely Love this blog!! It’s SO genuine and relatable!! Keep up the great work P!!

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