Dear PMS

Dear PMS,

The amount of pain and the range of emotions you give me are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. One day I’m happy and singing and then the next day I’m sitting in my closet sobbing questioning myself as a woman. Where do I even begin with describing these CRAMPS? If only Eve would’ve been a good wife and not disobeyed God!!!!!! And Adam…you knew………After I gave birth to my baby girl I got my tubes tied and my cycles are WORSE. Just imagine and kangaroo and a donkey kicking your lower abdomen then multiply it times 10. IT STILL DOESN’T ADD UP TO THE AMOUNT OF PAIN I FEEL. For some women the sight of you gives them great relief because it’s their confirmation…no baby in there just yet, but that’s not my testimony. I despise you. 7 days of agony and 12 million different emotions. The bloating….Walking around thinking there’s a crime scene on the back of every pair of pants I have on is enough to throw my anxiety Into a full out nervous breakdown. When you show up you come in like a FLOOD(literally) but you take soooooo long to make your exit. When it’s near the end and you’re done taking over my body I NEED YOU TO HAVE THE SAME ENERGY YOU HAD WHEN YOU SHOWED UP. GIRL JUST GO ALREADY.


The fed up uterus from Texas🙄

4 thoughts on “Dear PMS

  1. I’m up working on homework but you haven’t dealt with pain until you’ve experienced Endometriosis. It’s labor pains till the 46th power. I was 3 days before I had my daughter and after I had her and tied my tubes I went to 7 days. I have NEVER been 7 days. Then maybe when she was about 8, I went back to 3 days and have been since 2010. I’m moody and deal with paranoia for PMS. It’s like why all of this to cleanse my body. My uterus cleanses but my brain goes crazy. Like find a cure for this crazy mess lol.

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    1. Girrrrrrrrrl!!!!!! I KNOW what you mean…..
      But try using a heating pad and a nice tight girdle. That takes it
      from a 10 to a 5 or 4. Get you some hot homemade tea. Porcia,,, girl,
      my family be on rotation, from getting the heating pad to making my warm tea.
      Hang in there girl… but try these things cause they help. 🙂


  2. I feel all of you ladies I been there I think God that all over for me before I had kids I went for five days then when I had kids I went three days after my tube tide I still went three days but still was pain but I had everything taking out when I was in my 30th I had tumbers so I feel your pain

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